Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Live Web Chat With Moseley & Kings Heath Neighbourhood Police tomorrow at 5pm!

On Thursday 9 January Sergeant Anna Wilson who leads the team policing Moseley and Kings Heath is inviting the public to send in questions or feedback through an online web chat .

Residents will be able to ask questions live to Sergeant Wilson between 5pm and 6:30pm.

 You can remain anonymous and there is no need to register. You will also be able to see the questions that other people are asking. If you can’t tune in between 5pm and 6:30pm you will be able to replay the event after it has finished.

 Here's the link to join in the live chat! (LINK)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Animal prints in the January snow! Plus bonus snow men

What better way to guess the kind of animals we have in the park than to capture their paw and claw prints when it snows. I braved the elements this morning to capture these photos. Some of the prints are pretty obvious, like the cat print. And the bird prints too, but which bird. And I guess there are some fox and squirrel prints too, but there are some I just couldn't even guess at! Take a look and take a guess!

And now for some bonus snowmen! And a snow koala! 

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Explore the newly released census data for Wake Green Park

This is quite exciting! If you like facts and figures about your neighbour hood, you will love the newly released Census data about Wake Green Park.....and beyond. There is a world outside the park, or so I've heard ;)

Check it out in more detail over on the OCSI blog. 

I've grabbed some basic info from a post code search of our area. Click here or on the map to view it in it's interactive form.

This quick snapshot shows us that Wake Green Park and our immediate surrounding area is more populated than in 2001 with the population rising from 1551 to 1730.

Here are a few more facts and figures:

                                        2001    2011

People aged 0-15 (%) 18       17.7
People aged 16-64 (%) 67.9    71
People aged 65 (%)          14.1    11.3
Median age                       34      34

The following data sets have been included so far:

Usual resident census population estimates by five year age bands and sex
Estimates of household and communal establishments
Estimates of population density and average household size

All very interesting! Here's the link if you would like to check out the stats and facts and figures.

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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Join the Wake Green Park Residents Facebook Group!

You are invited to join the Wake Green Park Residents Facebook Group! 

In addition to this blog, I've just created a Facebook Group for WGP Residents. Metro PM have been invited to join too.

The reason for starting the Facebook Group  is to encourage discussion in a neighbourly way. Feel free to chat about WGP news, issues, events, offers, or help needed perhaps, or whatever you like! Well, within reason and decency of course ;)

Metro PM, please feel free to use the group to post any WGP news or updates that you wish to share and join in the discussion.

The group isn't to replace this blog, it's in addition to it. I can't always update as often as I would like to here, but I hope that there will be some active WGP chat over on Facebook.

Please help share the news with your neighbours and friends!

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Monday, 23 July 2012

Access to parking restricted this Weds 25th

Take care where you park or leave your car this Wednesday 25th July.

Access to parking will be restricted during the day.

 Contractors will be marking out parking bays on the areas marked in pink on the map.

We are asked not to park our cars on these areas during the day whilst the work is being carried out.

NOTE: Any car causing an obstruction during the course of these works will be removed, and there will be a charge to recover the vehicle. A good time to make use of our garages!

Friday, 8 June 2012

A Virtual Wake Green Park

talk about local have recently undertaken a new project called hypARlocal which is funded by Nesta and the Nominet Trust.

hypARlocal (the AR stands for Augmented Reality) is a project which is based around UK hyperlocal blogs and geotagged blog posts and the first of it's kind

hypARlocal takes the geotagged content of hyperlocal blogs through to a phone app called Layar.

As talk about local have written in their blog post about the project
Layar is a service that will, to use their words,  enables the enhancement of real world objects with digital information, so in layman’s terms you use your phone to look at a building and the browser will overlay some information to it using augmented reality.
Once you have powered up Layar on your phone, you can find the hypARlocal layer and open it up.

If you take a walk through Wake Green Park, all the geotagged blog posts will pop up for you to see and read, and because the blog post is geotagged you can be directed to the exact place on the map

This video should give you a better idea....


Wake Green Park is one of the first hyperlocal blogs to take part in this  augmented reality pilot project. It's all very exciting stuff! :)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Crime Map of Moseley


In a previous post I wrote about which is a local crime and policing website for England and Wales.

Well, I've got an update for you!

With big thanks to Mike Cummins from (a great resource for all things Moseley!), who has cleverly pulled in all the data, we now have a map showing crime data within 1 mile radius of Wake Green Park!

You can find the interactive map here, and you can select the month you wish to view from the drop down box on the top right hand corner. The data covers from December 2010 to Jan 2012.

Now that the Police are making all this data public, it's a great chance to stay informed about what's going on in and around where we live. 

Fortunately, here in Wake Green Park, we have an extremely low crime rate compared to other areas. With the security measures in place here, and with use of common sense, this keeps the crime rate low

As the police remind us (you can follow West Midlands Police on twitter @wmpolice), keep valuables out of sight in your car, and keep doors and windows locked when you are out. Don't forget to lock your garage too, just in case you have any valuables in there (thought we are advised not to keep any valuables in our garages at all). 

Did you know about the Police's 101 phone number? 

You can use it to:

Report crime or anti-social behaviour
To contact your local police station
To get police assistance in a non-emergency
For general enquiries. 


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