Saturday, 27 February 2010

Wake Green Park's (hyper) local shop

Did you know we have a local shop just 3 minutes away from the park? United News on the Showell Green Road, is the closest shop to Wake Green Park!

I have to admit to living in the park a couple of years before I realised that there was a shop so nearby! It was only through talking to a neighbour that I found out about United News.

The shop is only about minutes walk from the park. Really handy if you are pushed for time! The shop stocks all the basic essentials; bread, milk, soft drinks, canned and frozen food, sweet & savoury snacks, baby things, cigarettes, newspapers and lots of other goods too.

Next time you run out of a kitchen essential, why not try United News which is open until 9pm.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The last (snow) man standing

He cuts a lonely figure, but at least he's still standing. Well, he was yesterday!

I'm sure he cut a dash in previous bitter cold days, and held his head up proudly. Now we can only imagine......

Sadly, as well as being about to loose his head, he has already lost an arm which lies forlornly at his feet/base. I don't think his other arm will help break his fall should he tumble over. He could perhaps try to catch his head with it, but I wish him luck with that one!

Some other snowmen popped up over the last month or two around the park, and there was even a snow angle!

We are lucky, with all the grounds of the park, we can embrace the big kid in us and make snow men and snow angles....but I've yet to see a snow ball fight! How about next winter we have some snow filled fun. I'm imagining a big community built snowman greeting folks at the main entrance! ;)

But big doesn't always mean better, as I hope to demonstrate with my snow figure.

It is technically meant to be a snowman, but I've been told that he looks like a duck. You don't have to venture further than your balcony to have your own little snow person!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Love blossoms in Wake Green Park!

I bumped into one of Wake Green Park's residents yesterday; Alan Hartley.

Alan has lived on the park for 5 years. He met the lady who lived above his flat, they fell in love and they are now married! The Birmingham Mail even reported on the romance!

What a heart warming story. Alan tells his story better than I can.....

Thank you for the chat Alan and thank you for sharing your story.

PS. Alan and Martin the gardener have the same boots! Can you guess which boots are Martin's? ;)

Tuesday is bin day at Wake Green Park

Every Tuesday morning at about 10 o'clock you will hear the 'beep beep beep' of the bin men's lorry, along with the the electronic message 'Warning, vehicle reversing'. You could almost set your clock by them.

When I heard the beeping of the lorry this morning I popped out with my camera. I haven't really spoken to the bin men before, perhaps just smiled at them or said hello.

It's very, very cold today and I didn't want to keep them long, so I introduce myself and asked if I could take a quick photo, and told them that I am writing a blog on Wake Green Park.

They kindly agreed to having their photo taken. Meet Brian and Jamie, our bin men!

When the weather is a bit better I'll see if I can do a quick interview with them and ask them about their work and what they think of the bins of Wake Green Park.

Brian and Jamie empty the big communal bins, but we also recycle here at the park! I think the recycling scheme was introduced about a year ago. We have 8 bins altogether which are housed by the garages outside of James Court.

We have 4 bins for recycling paper and cardboard.

Don't forget to remove your personal details from any correspondence!

And we have another 4 bins for plastic, bottles and cans. Though they don't appear to want yoghurt post, margarine tubes, plastic toys, plastic bags, polystyrene, returnable milk bottles, pryex cookware, window or mirror glass or drinking glasses!

All the green bins for glass, bottles and cans were full! We are really embracing recycling here!

Next blog post: Love blossoms on Wake Green Park!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Wake Green Park, Moseley, Birmingham B13

Welcome to the blog of Wake Green Park!

I'm Karen Strunks and I've been a resident of Wake Green Park for 6 years. Inspired by hyperlocal blogger Nicky Getgood of Digbeth Is Good, and the work of Talk About Local, this blog will be used to write about events in Wake Green Park, however big or small!

I'd like this to be a place for the community and residents of Wake Green Park, and invite contributions. Just drop me an email

As residents will have noticed in recent days, there has been a flurry of snow! And of course there was more than a flurry a few weeks ago. I popped out with my camera to see the white landscape of the park.

Some little fox prints. I put a little bit of food out for them (not for the rats!) as I felt they needed a little bit of sustenance during the cold snap.

The gritters soon sprung into action, clearing the drives and the pathways.

And here is our wonderful gardener, Martin (left) with a snow gritting colleague. Sorry, not the best picture - it looks like Martin is trying to poke his colleague with the end of his shovel!

And here is Martin in fairer weather. I think he will be making a regular appearance on this blog. I'll try and do a video interview with him. He always has a friendly smile and a hello and is a real asset to the park.


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