Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The last (snow) man standing

He cuts a lonely figure, but at least he's still standing. Well, he was yesterday!

I'm sure he cut a dash in previous bitter cold days, and held his head up proudly. Now we can only imagine......

Sadly, as well as being about to loose his head, he has already lost an arm which lies forlornly at his feet/base. I don't think his other arm will help break his fall should he tumble over. He could perhaps try to catch his head with it, but I wish him luck with that one!

Some other snowmen popped up over the last month or two around the park, and there was even a snow angle!

We are lucky, with all the grounds of the park, we can embrace the big kid in us and make snow men and snow angles....but I've yet to see a snow ball fight! How about next winter we have some snow filled fun. I'm imagining a big community built snowman greeting folks at the main entrance! ;)

But big doesn't always mean better, as I hope to demonstrate with my snow figure.

It is technically meant to be a snowman, but I've been told that he looks like a duck. You don't have to venture further than your balcony to have your own little snow person!

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