Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Tuesday is bin day at Wake Green Park

Every Tuesday morning at about 10 o'clock you will hear the 'beep beep beep' of the bin men's lorry, along with the the electronic message 'Warning, vehicle reversing'. You could almost set your clock by them.

When I heard the beeping of the lorry this morning I popped out with my camera. I haven't really spoken to the bin men before, perhaps just smiled at them or said hello.

It's very, very cold today and I didn't want to keep them long, so I introduce myself and asked if I could take a quick photo, and told them that I am writing a blog on Wake Green Park.

They kindly agreed to having their photo taken. Meet Brian and Jamie, our bin men!

When the weather is a bit better I'll see if I can do a quick interview with them and ask them about their work and what they think of the bins of Wake Green Park.

Brian and Jamie empty the big communal bins, but we also recycle here at the park! I think the recycling scheme was introduced about a year ago. We have 8 bins altogether which are housed by the garages outside of James Court.

We have 4 bins for recycling paper and cardboard.

Don't forget to remove your personal details from any correspondence!

And we have another 4 bins for plastic, bottles and cans. Though they don't appear to want yoghurt post, margarine tubes, plastic toys, plastic bags, polystyrene, returnable milk bottles, pryex cookware, window or mirror glass or drinking glasses!

All the green bins for glass, bottles and cans were full! We are really embracing recycling here!

Next blog post: Love blossoms on Wake Green Park!


editorialgirl said...

If it helps, I was once advised by Cllr Mullaney to look for the symbols PET and HDPE when recycling plastic, as these are the only two types that Birmingham City Council can recycle - hence the "no margarine tubs please" advice on your bins.

Martin said "To simplify matters and to recycle the most valuable and worthwhile common plastics most copuncils concentrate on fizzy drinks bottles and water bottles (code marked 1 or PET) and milk bottles, detergent and oil bottles (code marked 2 or HDPE). Even when mixed in the box, these are relatively easy to separate.

"Margarine tubs are usually made from Polypropylene and code marked 5 or PP: yoghurt pots, styrofoam cups and throwaway utensils are usually made from Polystyrene and code marked 6 or PS. These cannot be easily separated from the bottles so form a serious contaminant if mixed in the box. These grades could be recycled if they were available to a recycling company in sufficient quantity, washed and sorted - this is not usually the case.

"So, plastc drinks bottles and plastic milk bottles only, please."

From http://groups.yahoo.com/group/moseley/message/11149


Karen Strunks said...

Thank you for the informative comment about recycling. It's very useful to know and I'm sure it will help the residents of WGP :)

editorialgirl said...

Oh, and I love the blog, by the way, despite not actually living in Wake Green Park :D


Karen Strunks said...

Thank you Em! And for being the first to get the comments rolling too! :)


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