Monday, 22 February 2010

Wake Green Park, Moseley, Birmingham B13

Welcome to the blog of Wake Green Park!

I'm Karen Strunks and I've been a resident of Wake Green Park for 6 years. Inspired by hyperlocal blogger Nicky Getgood of Digbeth Is Good, and the work of Talk About Local, this blog will be used to write about events in Wake Green Park, however big or small!

I'd like this to be a place for the community and residents of Wake Green Park, and invite contributions. Just drop me an email

As residents will have noticed in recent days, there has been a flurry of snow! And of course there was more than a flurry a few weeks ago. I popped out with my camera to see the white landscape of the park.

Some little fox prints. I put a little bit of food out for them (not for the rats!) as I felt they needed a little bit of sustenance during the cold snap.

The gritters soon sprung into action, clearing the drives and the pathways.

And here is our wonderful gardener, Martin (left) with a snow gritting colleague. Sorry, not the best picture - it looks like Martin is trying to poke his colleague with the end of his shovel!

And here is Martin in fairer weather. I think he will be making a regular appearance on this blog. I'll try and do a video interview with him. He always has a friendly smile and a hello and is a real asset to the park.


Marcos said...

MASSIVE thankyou to Martin.!!! During the Snowy-Spell earlier this year, I attempted to drive up the slope to the garages early one cold morning, only to keep slipping and sliding back down (Infuriating as I was late already!!) Martin was on hand with his shovel and copious buckets of grit and after about ten minutes of continuous attempts we eventually cleared a frost-free path up the slope for me to access my garage.
Thanks again Martin..!!! :-)

Karen Strunks said...

Martin is a star! He helped me too in snowy times. I couldn't get my car out and he dug around the tires and put the grit down and minutes later I was away! :)

Anonymous said...

Karen - just wanted to say thank you for organising the Big Lunch today I had a great time meeting everyone - a great success! Thanks again! Claire from Oulsnam xxx

Karen Strunks said...

Hi Claire!

thank you for coming along! Lovely to meet you. Let's do something for Christmas! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes deffo we shall have to arrange something!


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