Saturday, 20 March 2010

New Bench - take the weight off....

We have a new addition to the Wake Green Park bench family!

When I took this photo last weekend the bench was so new it still had it's wrapping on.

The yellow arrow indicates where you can find the new bench.

Benches began appearing in the park last year, and I believe we now have four of them. One outside of Bowens Court, one outside of Roberts Court, and another (which I haven't been to see yet) which I believe is in the area of the yellow circle. UPDATE: The bench is outside the Royston Court Area.
Roberts Court Bench

Bowens Court Bench

Now the fairer weather is coming, I'm sure the benches will be a popular resting place. Grab a coffee and a book and relax in your extended garden.


Marcos said...

One outside Royston Court too..!

Karen Strunks said...

Thanks Marcos. I'll update the post. I wasn't sure where it was, but saw it today when I was popping blog flyers through the doors. That's a nice corner of the park :)


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