Monday, 15 March 2010

New Security Cameras are being installed in Wake Green Park

It seems that Wake Green Park is having some new security cameras installed.

You may have noticed on your way in and out of the main entrance areas that are being dug up.

This is going to be the base for the new camera that, according to the work man, will be a 360 degree camera! I believe this is a first for the park.

The red cross indicates where the 360 degree camera is going to be installed, and the yellow cross indicates where a new static camera will be installed.
Obviously this is going to enhance the security at Wake Green Park. As well as other security cameras around the park, we also have a security guard that patrols the area, plus there is a neighbourhood watch scheme too and from time to time a police patrol will pop into the park and keep an eye on it.
It seems we have all the bases covered security wise, which I'm sure will give residents extra peace of mind.


Marcos said...

I had my garage broken in to last year (nothing was taken fortunately) I also had my rear window bricked while it was parked up on Belle Walk (alas, I cannot park my van on the estate, it is forbidden!!) so I made enquiries about security on the estate. I don't think a camera and a security guard are good enough. I still think that some sort of gate on the main entrance to the park is the only real solution to prevent unwanted visitors.
I'm also still amazed that we don't have locks on the main entrances to the individual blocks. Anyone can get it, at any time of the day or night..! Surely an electronic keypad lock could be introduced. Costly, I know. But can you put a price on personal security..?

Karen Strunks said...

Sorry to hear about your garage and your window. I don't know what it is about Belle Walk, but it's a hot spot for smashed windows, and probably more damage than that too. Yes, you can't park a van in the park after 7pm I beieve.

I was speaking to some decorators today who are working on a flat and have to carry heavy tools. They have broken the 7pm rule and got 'stickered'.

Over the years, speaking to neighbours there has been a general concenus that a gate on the main entrance is a good idea. And also on the entrance to flats.

I think, if memory serves me right, that we can put security doors on the entrance to the blocks, but we would have to club together with other residents in the block to get this done. And what if some people don't want the extra security...? It would put the cost up for the other residents.

I think some residents would have more peace of mind with one or the other of these introductions. I guess it comes down to money.

Karen said...

I would be very keen for keypad front doors to the main blocks. My only concern would be in visitors had to buzz up to flats and speak to be allowed access-im a grand floor flat at the front, and my bedroom would be right where the keypad would be, and i feel this would be very noisy for me. If another way of doing it is available i would be happy :-)

Karen Strunks said...

Agree with your concerns about noise for the ground floor flats. The doors might make a clicking sound too as they are unlocked. There could be a way around this, but I am not sure what! :)

Marcos said...

I don't know how you guys on the ground floor cope with your bedrooms right next to the main entrance doors...


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