Thursday, 15 April 2010

Open Forum - April 21 - 7.15pm

Who is coming along to the Wake Green Park Open forum on Weds 21st?

Taken from the April Newsletter which has been popped through our letter boxes.

"This is your opportunity to find out what is planned for the state and to raise any queries or issues that effect you"

I haven't been to an Open Forum before and will be going along with some neighbours.

I thought it would be good to have a bit of a social event after the Open Forum. The Covered Wagon pub is nearby, about a 10 minutes walk I estimate, on the Yardley Wood Road.

Click for larger version of map

You can view an online version of the map here.

If you fancy a drink and a chat with your neighbours, come along! Everyone welcome :)

You may have noticed an addition to the About The Wake Green Park Blog section on the top right hand side of this page, which says:

Please note: The views expressed on this blog are my views, and those of residents who wish to contribute, comment & join in the discussion. The Board of Directors wishes to make it clear that this website is not approved or sponsored by the management company (MetroPM).

I have received a letter from the management company Metro PM, requesting that I make it clear that the views expressed on this site are my (Karen Strunks) own, and not those of Metro PM or the Wake Green Park Board of Directors.

Of course anyone is welcome to join in the discussion, comment and submit a blog post, but the views written in those instances will be the individual's and not those of Metro PM or the Wake Green Park Board of Directors.

And of course Metro PM and the Wake Green Park Board of Directors are welcome to take part, and can contribute, submit their news and views too.

Everyone welcome! :)

Feel free to leave a comment, and if you wish to submit a blog post, just send it to

One of WGP's residents has sent in some lovely pictures of her patio area, so I will blogging about that soon!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Hello new readers!

You may be visiting the Wake Green Park website for the first from seeing a flyer I popped through your letterbox.


The idea behind the website is to help connect the community in Wake Green Park. It's a place for news, big and small!

It run by me, Karen Strunks, a WGP resident of 6 years.

As it's a community website, your input is welcome and encouraged. If you wish to write a blog post, send it to and I will publish it. I understand that not everybody is happy to put their name on the internet, so if you many feel more confortable using your initials or a pseudonym.

Do you have any stories or photos about the park? What do you like about living here? Are there any improvements you would like? Would you like to organise social events? Let's get the conversation going between residents!

And on that note....

Put the 18th July in your diary and take part in The Big Lunch on Wake Green Park!

What is the Big Lunch?

It's a day, where around the country, people will be getting together with friends and neighbours. A party in the park if you like!

I've signed WGP up on the Big Lunch website, and you can put your name down, though you don't have to. Just bring yourself & some snacks/drinks!

Why take part?

It'll be fun & a great chance to meet your neighbours and make new friends on Wake Green Park!

I'll write more about the Big Lunch as the 18th July approaches, in the meantime, save the date!

Thank you for visiting the Wake Green Park website. I hope you will come and visit again. Don't forget you can comment on any blog posts too :)


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