Wednesday, 16 June 2010

1 Bedroom Flat for sale - Bowens Court - £80,000

A Wake Green Park resident had let me know that she is selling her flat in Bowen Court.

It's 1 bedroom & on the market for £80,000. It's on the top floor too - so you can just imagine the amazing views!

It's being sold via Rightmove and you can find all the details and pictures on their website.

I must say, if I was in the right position, I'd snap it up myself, just for the views alone! :)

And remember it's The Big Lunch on 18th July! Please tell your friends and neighbours and let's make this a great Wake Green Park community event!

I may need a volunteer or two & a little bit of help! If you are able to help deliver some Big Lunch leaflets around the park, please let me know. Any help in spreading the word will be gratefully received :) Just drop me a mail or call me on 07835 754 310.

Remember, contributions to the blog are welcome! If you would like to write a blog post, please send it to :)

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