Sunday, 19 December 2010

Winter Wonderland in Wake Green Park - Video

The snow makes everything so pretty, so I couldn't wait to get out and about around the park with my video camera.

Hope you enjoy my Winter Wonderland video! And thank you to a neighbour who kindly let me film from his flat in Bowen Court.

I've seen some folks playing about in the snow here. Has anyone made a snowman yet?

Have you been taking pictures?

Send your snow pictures to me, and I'll pop them up on the blog to share! :)

Friday, 17 December 2010

Lost and Found! Tan Leather Look Gloves

Have your finger tips been freezing?

Have you been feeling the wind around your wrists?

Then you might just have lost your tan leather look gloves.

The good news is, they have been found in Wake Green Park, and rescued by a resident.

If you are the owner of the tan gloves, get in touch and I can re-unite you.

Karen :)

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Wake Green Wildlife: Fox cries in the night!

This eerie sound in the night piecered the air at around 10pm on Sunday.

At first I thought it was a child crying, but then remembered hearing this sound on another occasion; it was our Wake Green Park friends, the foxes!

Urban Red Fox Vixen playing in the snowPhotograph by Rob Baldwin

I managed to capture their cries, but you will have to turn the volume up!


With all this weather we have been getting, I'm guessing the foxes must be getting hungry. I am not sure if they managed to climb into our bins because they are so high sided. Perhaps they scavenge from our neighbours before returning home to the park. They are certainly very active as they have left lots of foot prints in the snow!


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