Monday, 24 January 2011

We can see clearly now the trees have gone...!

You may have noticed, if not heard, some activity over by Bowen Court on Friday. If you haven't been to that area in the park you will notice a bit of a difference.

We had Tony and Rob, the tree fellers (or is that tree fellas?) come into the park and give a good tidy up to the dell.

They have shortened some trees and tall bushes. This has been done for security reasons. The trees/bushes were causing an obstructed view over the garages. Also it will make for a more secure walk back into the park from the garage.

It's also good to know that the tree felling/clearing of the area, was done with the minimal amount of disturbance to the wildlife that lives in the dell.



Don't forget! If you have any news, view or stories about the park, please get in touch :)

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