Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What a load of rubbish!

Good news. We may finally be rubbish free very soon!

No one could have missed the situation that had occurred in the estate over Christmas and into the new year. Our rubbish over flowed onto the pavements.

The good news is that Metro are hiring a private waste disposal firm to come out and remove the backlog of rubbish.
Apart from being an eyesore, it's also a health and safety issue.
BBC Midlands Today came to visit our park yesterday and even did a live news report from the bin area at the back of Bowen Court which was broadcast on the the 1.30 news. I gave a quick interview and made a few comments about the state the bin areas and that we were having a private company come in to remove the rubbish.

So our estate makes the news and we will be rubbish free soon! Not a bad start to the week on Wake Green Park :)

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Anonymous said...

Cool. I wondered what the big van with the satellite dish parked outside was all about....


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