Thursday, 17 March 2011

Beware! Spate of number plate thefts in the area

UPDATE: This has happened to TWO residents of the estates who parked on Belle Walk in the last few days.

Please be aware that there is a rise of number plate thefts in the area. Recently a resident had his number plate tampered with on Belle Walk. According to Kings Heath Police there has been a significant rise in this crime.

Stolen plates are used to fit over or replace an existing plate and are often used in crimes. The criminals use them to evade getting caught when committing a crime such as

•illegal parking
•not paying congestion charges
•driving away from a petrol forecourt without paying
•not paying for parking tickets or speeding fines
•‘disguising’ a stolen vehicle

The Safer Birmingham Partnership has written a guide on how to protect your number plates and your identity. have written a guide on what to do if your plate is stolen and also advise on theft resistant number plates.

There is lots of information in the above guides advising of a number of things you can do to prevent number plate theft.

With parking spaces at a premium on the park, the safest place to store your car would be your garage. Not all cars will fit in the garages, so please park considerately on the estate. For example a motorbike was parked in a car parking space recently.

Just be aware and park as safely as you can and hopefully we can avoid being a victim of this crime.

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