Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Work maintenance that's happening in and around the park.

You don't see a work man for weeks, then they all decend at once! At the moment, at every turn in Wake Green Park you will see a hi-viz jacket.

First up. New garages.

Court 1 garages are being fitted with new doors and roofs. The infrastructure was crumbling, so they are having a make over.

As for the other garage blocks, as it stands at the moment, Court 2 and 3 are in good nick, and Court 4 may have some work done at some point when it's required.

You may have seen some heavy duty lorries coming in and out of the park, and heard the rumbles of road works and drilling coming from Michael Blanning House. There are new car park spaces being added into the M.Blanning car park.

These new spaces are not for Wake Green Park residents to use, but the hope is that the M.Blanning car owners can use up the spaces in their new car park which will alleviate the over spill of parked cars in WGP, thus leaving more car parking spaces for WGP residents.


Wake Green Road is being re-surfaced at the moment. During the night! They seem to be closing the road in the early evening until about 6am. I hope WGP residents aren't losing too much sleep!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Have you sent a parcel to Horley in Surrey recently?

The Royal Mail popped one of their red cards through my door on Saturday saying that a parcel had been delivered, but it was too big for the letterbox, and notifying me it was at the Moseley Delivery Office awaiting collection/re-delivery.

BUT! The surname that is on the card is Roberts.

I rang the Delivery Office. The parcel has the senders address as mine, but the surname they have put is Roberts.

The parcel was meant to be delivered to Horley, Surrey, RH6 0AS. It was a failed delivery, and so the parcel has been returned to sender (at my address).

I hope that makes sense!

If your surname is Roberts and you tried to send a parcel to Horley in Surrey, the Moseley Delivery Office now has it and will keep it for two weeks.

Their details are:

25 Howard Road East
B13 0RZ

Tel 0121 253 4202

Opening hours:
Mon, tue, thur, friday - 7am - 12.15pm
Wed - 7am - 8pm
Sat 7am - 2pm

If you need me to explain the error to them so you can collect it (you may need the red card), give me a shout or call 07835 754 310


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