Friday, 1 July 2011

Missing tabby female kitten in Moseley

Found in Wake Green Park!

From the poster:

Have you lost this Kitty?

Found wandering and currently being fed and looked after.

Tabby, female, friendly, in very good general health, distinctive collar and features, unchipped.

Call 07518 796 959 for immediate return.


h4num4n said...

Is she a friendly little grey tabby kitty? Black collar with red writing and a magnet?
She was following me around my garden the other morning if so. I did wonder about her but collar looked very new so I figured it was her first time out.

Karen Strunks said...

Hmm, I'm not sure. I only know the info on the poster. I hope she can be reunited with her owner. At least she is being looked after in the meantime. Keep me posted if you find any leads :)

Lynn said...

Hi she is my cat and has been wandering about Moseley for the past 15 years or son - not a kitten at all but a rather old lady. Now has new collar with my phone number on it.


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