Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Crime Map of Moseley


In a previous post I wrote about which is a local crime and policing website for England and Wales.

Well, I've got an update for you!

With big thanks to Mike Cummins from (a great resource for all things Moseley!), who has cleverly pulled in all the data, we now have a map showing crime data within 1 mile radius of Wake Green Park!

You can find the interactive map here, and you can select the month you wish to view from the drop down box on the top right hand corner. The data covers from December 2010 to Jan 2012.

Now that the Police are making all this data public, it's a great chance to stay informed about what's going on in and around where we live. 

Fortunately, here in Wake Green Park, we have an extremely low crime rate compared to other areas. With the security measures in place here, and with use of common sense, this keeps the crime rate low

As the police remind us (you can follow West Midlands Police on twitter @wmpolice), keep valuables out of sight in your car, and keep doors and windows locked when you are out. Don't forget to lock your garage too, just in case you have any valuables in there (thought we are advised not to keep any valuables in our garages at all). 

Did you know about the Police's 101 phone number? 

You can use it to:

Report crime or anti-social behaviour
To contact your local police station
To get police assistance in a non-emergency
For general enquiries. 


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