Friday, 8 June 2012

A Virtual Wake Green Park

talk about local have recently undertaken a new project called hypARlocal which is funded by Nesta and the Nominet Trust.

hypARlocal (the AR stands for Augmented Reality) is a project which is based around UK hyperlocal blogs and geotagged blog posts and the first of it's kind

hypARlocal takes the geotagged content of hyperlocal blogs through to a phone app called Layar.

As talk about local have written in their blog post about the project
Layar is a service that will, to use their words,  enables the enhancement of real world objects with digital information, so in layman’s terms you use your phone to look at a building and the browser will overlay some information to it using augmented reality.
Once you have powered up Layar on your phone, you can find the hypARlocal layer and open it up.

If you take a walk through Wake Green Park, all the geotagged blog posts will pop up for you to see and read, and because the blog post is geotagged you can be directed to the exact place on the map

This video should give you a better idea....


Wake Green Park is one of the first hyperlocal blogs to take part in this  augmented reality pilot project. It's all very exciting stuff! :)

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