Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Explore the newly released census data for Wake Green Park

This is quite exciting! If you like facts and figures about your neighbour hood, you will love the newly released Census data about Wake Green Park.....and beyond. There is a world outside the park, or so I've heard ;)

Check it out in more detail over on the OCSI blog. 

I've grabbed some basic info from a post code search of our area. Click here or on the map to view it in it's interactive form.

This quick snapshot shows us that Wake Green Park and our immediate surrounding area is more populated than in 2001 with the population rising from 1551 to 1730.

Here are a few more facts and figures:

                                        2001    2011

People aged 0-15 (%) 18       17.7
People aged 16-64 (%) 67.9    71
People aged 65 (%)          14.1    11.3
Median age                       34      34

The following data sets have been included so far:

Usual resident census population estimates by five year age bands and sex
Estimates of household and communal establishments
Estimates of population density and average household size

All very interesting! Here's the link if you would like to check out the stats and facts and figures.

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