Thursday, 15 November 2012

Join the Wake Green Park Residents Facebook Group!

You are invited to join the Wake Green Park Residents Facebook Group! 

In addition to this blog, I've just created a Facebook Group for WGP Residents. Metro PM have been invited to join too.

The reason for starting the Facebook Group  is to encourage discussion in a neighbourly way. Feel free to chat about WGP news, issues, events, offers, or help needed perhaps, or whatever you like! Well, within reason and decency of course ;)

Metro PM, please feel free to use the group to post any WGP news or updates that you wish to share and join in the discussion.

The group isn't to replace this blog, it's in addition to it. I can't always update as often as I would like to here, but I hope that there will be some active WGP chat over on Facebook.

Please help share the news with your neighbours and friends!

Follow us on twitter: @wakegreenpark

Join the Facebook Group here.

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